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Bac of Da Rim Skillz Training

     As a child, coach PJ discovered his love for the game of basketball through the help of his father at 9 years old.  Growing up he would play for various basketball leagues, his local high school team (Harding High), and he tried out for North Carolina State where he was asked to come back the following year.  The disappointment of not making the team led to Coach PJ joining the air force.

     Joining the air force, took coach PJ to japan where he played 2.5 years, in the air force for the semi-pro league Kanto plains (JBL pro league).  He averaged 28 points a game and received the nickname "World P".

     coach PJ continued to ball on courts throughout north Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  his energy and love of the game makes it easy for him to train youth across Florida.  This is how bac of da rim skillz training was born.  the dream of training youth to get the next level of their basketball game is now a reality.

We give you the WHY!

We ARE Southwest Florida's, (Fort Myers, FL), PREMIERE basketball training facility. Solely dedicated to basketball and the overall wellbeing of the student athlete to propel them to the next level and beyond.  We are enlightening the lives of student athletes through education, training, and an overall healthy lifestyle.  We are the premiere basketball training facility of Southwest Florida.

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