Mission Statement

Basketball enables coaches to mentor all aspects of the student-athlete.  It helps teach discipline on and off the court.  It coincides with the very expectations that parents, teachers, guidance counselors, tutors and those that you look up to will provide.  Bac of Da Rim Skillz Training provides the opportunities for you to develop into a successful basketball player.

Basketball Dribble

We have your WHY?

With a pure focus on self-discipline, learning, nutrition, and a positive growth mind-set, Bac of Da Rim Skillz Training will always give you the why behind your actions.  Helping our players to make healthy choices, giving them the resources to be successful such as education, tutoring and counseling.  The why behind  each shot in basketball is just as important as the why behind each choice you make in life:



Personal Development * Positive Changes * Nutrition * Physical Performance


Perseverance * Dedication * Follow-thru

Basketball Dribble
Slam Dunk

Your Follow Thru

The World of basketball is richly steeped in positivity and confidence builders.  You're follow thru is always going to be a game winner!  Meaning more than just the mechanics behind shooting a basketball into a goal.  It has more to do with the philosophy of following thru in life.  Believing in yourself, following through with what you say, and completing your goals.  You will become a winner in all parts of your life that way.  Keep in mind that you will need to be confident enough to play in the game, shoot the shot, and hit the game winner.  This is life!  Where your follow thru is truly a game winner.

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Bac of Da Rim Skillz Training philosophically believes that becoming a successful basketball player will begin with your willingness to be coached in learning all aspects of the basketball.  If you have dedication, eagerness, and perseverance to work hard you will be successful in elevating your game.  Then, this program is for YOU!

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